Market Readiness Report©

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a glimpse into the buyer’s mind before you list, or start preparing to sell? Now you can – with NO OBLIGATION!

Our proprietary Market Readiness Report© gives you a detailed analysis of every area of your home, as a buyer would view it. You will be able to review recommendations, prioritize and budget for any preparations you chose to make. Becoming a knowledgeable and prepared seller is easy with our MRR*!

To arrange for your NO OBLIGATION Market Readiness Report (MRR) please call or TEXT one of our friendly REALTOR/Brokers or fill out the form below.

Market Readiness Report

*The MRR is conceptually based on the Home Appearance Needs Analysis model originally developed by Ric Roemer, President of Creative Home Services, LLC, Orland Park, IL.